Collectstor Logo Creation

Collectstor is  a website where collectors can showcase and share their collections. It’s a new startup currently progressing through it’s beta stages.


Our client and the founder of Collectstor is Robin Julius, a man with keen ideas of where his creation needs to go and how it needs to be presented.

The Task

We spoke for a while about possible symbols and mascots for Collectstor. The logo needed to represent the practice of collection, and we also heavily favoured the idea of incorporating an animal into the brand. You’ll see from the concepts below that we started with an abstract Giraffe, moved onto the obvious squirrel/acorn, and finally settled on the fascinating bowerbird.

Skills Involved

The main skills involved in logo design, and under-appreciated by many design houses, are the personal, rather than technical efforts. For this project, we distilled the ideas and values behind Collectstor into a tangible, memorable symbol. All designs were created as print-ready vectors.

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